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The Control Panels AGEIL A1, AGEIL A2,AGEILA3,controls the entire functions of the ALDS viz., Dispensing Systems, Unloading Systems, Emergency Shut Down System etc.


Dispensing System Emergency Shut Down:

Functions of the entire Station, including Dispensing can be freezed if an Emergency situation  during Dispensing and an Alaram could be sounded using a Push Button Switch near the Dispenser. The same process could also be done with the help of a Remote Control Switch within a radius of 50m. The operator shall wear this as a chain around his neck, shall always carry this remote control switch.

Unloading System Emergency Shut Down:

During unloading of LPG from road Tanker Trucks, the ROV in the Unloading Line can be closed, and at the same time the Decanting Pump can also be stopped by using a Push Button Switch near Filling Point, In case of an emergency situation, the same operation can be done by using a Remote Control Unit with in a circle of 50 Mt. radius.

Gas Leak Cut off System:

The System is capable of sensing LPG leak even at low concentration and if the precence of LPG the premises exceeds the specified level of gas concentration,  the Dispensing Station will get shutdown and sounds and alaram.

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